• Company Profile

    Imperco Sdn Bhd, a property development company incorporated in Malaysia with its office and operations in the state of Sarawak, was formed with the purpose of providing quality projects to all walks of life.

    Backed by the team of experienced and dedicated directors and other staffs, Imperco Sdn Bhd is committed to offer a wide range of quality development project. Imperco Sdn Bhd aims to become the most preferred property developer in the region.

    Imperco Sdn Bhd firmly believes in its responsibilities to the purchasers / clients. Resources, time and energy are committed to providing the purchasers / clients with the highest quality works and timely delivery of products.

  • Our Motto

    "Committed in Building you a better home"

    Our Vision

    Imperco Sdn Bhd is committed to:

    • Comply with company's manual, operating procedures, rules and regulations and customer requirements
    • Continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system
    • Deliver quality and innovative products
    • Serve the company with utmost royalty
    • Respect and care of our staff and customer
    • Seek view ideas and acquire knowledge continually
    • Recognize the importance of teamwork in achieving our business objectives by sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences.
    • Strive for continuity and growth for the company
    • Be conscious of timeliness and exercise integrity and professionalism in all our undertakings